Ramdev; The Con Man Dangerously Blending Economic Nationalism and Hindutva Together

Ramkrishna Yadav, AKA Ramdev, businessman and the founder of Patanjali Ayurved Limited Company has been news for making insulting comments against social reformer Periyar E. V. Ramasamy. In a row to such remarks now he said, “Periyar was around in his time, he would have had shoes slapped on him”. This is the third time in a week he had made derogatory remarks. On Monday a video went viral in which Ramdev appears as saying, “For the past two-three days, Periyar’s ‘chele’ (followers) have been behind me. (laughs

Hate Crimes against Christians is on rise; India ranked as 11th most unsafe country for the Christians

Tamil Nadu marked as most hostile state for Christians where caste has an important say. The report mentioning about the state says, “The Tamil Nadu violence has a disturbing overlay of caste discrimination, and the victims largely come from the so called lower castes in villages where the dominant groups object to prayer houses and even the entry of Christian religious leaders.”

How holy is it to Kill Muslims?

Be it cultivating the idea of Love Jehad or endorsing far right militant groups, the current BJP has left no stone unturned to demonise Muslim identity. BJP minister Mahesh Sharma attended the funeral of Akhlaque’s alleged murderer and later draped the casket of deceased in national flag symbolise how holy is to kill Muslims.

Indian Republic after 7 decades; Of the Brahmins, By the Brahmins, For the Brahmins

The journey has been never smooth and the ever-prevalent oppressive caste structure has been always a big hurdle. In fact, the dominating caste structure swiftly tried to take over the constitution and it does significantly over the period of time. Over-representation of upper caste in almost all the institutions made constitution less functional for the majority of Indians who are happened to be from SC, ST, OBC and religious minority communities.

The legacy of Rohit Vemula empowers not only to question establish Brahminical order but also it’s oppressive seeds in liberal left…

The fact is true, the perpetrators have now become more active and functioning through the establishing setup of democracy. Perpetrators who took away the precious life of Rohit are now everywhere. They are in colleges, universities, Parliament, and in the judiciary. The media houses and bureaucracy is filled with such perpetrators. They are now on the streets and everywhere one imagines.