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English - International - November 7, 2020

Refusing to accept defeat Trumps pathological narcissism in action.

America, it’s time to grow up… Trump just went out, not with a bang, but with a hoarse and pathetic whimper… They stole the election, they rigged the election. The vote count is run by very bad people. Mail-in ballots are a disaster. Big Money, Big Media, and Big Tech all conspired against me.

Trump reminds me of the bully who terrorizes the schoolyard until he finally gets punched in the face, and then immediately crumples into a self-pitying puddle. Or he’s the kid who always whines when his baseball or soccer team loses — they’ve been cheated, it’s unfair, the refs were paid off!

For years, Trump has been enabled and encouraged, not only by Republican magnates, but by millions of people. His MAGA fans cheer his childish outrageousness.

They laughed and applauded when he told them that Dr. Fauci should be fired — and they gleefully went further and started chanting, “Lock him up!” Steve Bannon just went even more mental and declared that Fauci’s head should be cut off and put on a stake outside the White House, along with the head of the FBI director. Truly.

For four years, Trump and his fellow psychopaths have dominated the American stage. And his crowds have cheered him, even as they got infected and died. To them it’s all been a wild and crazy TV show, where the host and his friends say the most far-out and entertaining things.

Trump brings out the wicked child in his red base.

But now their big brash baby celebrity has been given a serious time out by the American voters. He can’t believe it, they can’t believe it. In the White House press room this evening, he looked deflated, he looked beaten. Yes, he looked like a loser.

Now it’s time for us to be the adults and clean up his big mess.

Good riddance to the His Majesty The Baby — but the election will not in any meaningful manner, end the environmental destruction, lessen White supremacy, curb capitalist economic despotism and the provide the prospect of ending militarism. Allow that to sink in before you join in, if Biden prevails, with the liberal class when they perform a clownish, cringe-inducing end zone dance.

We should not ignore that this is a constitutional crisis. Trump could get the Supreme Court to overturn the election or have the House do it. Hitler was dismissed as a crank by most people until he took power. By downplaying this story, the NY Times and Washington Post are implying that Trump is a harmless crank.

Yes to all that, but..not to ignore the fact that bully, baby or whatever,he is trying to soft-coup steal the election. He’ll continue with exhaustive tax-paying recounts and what ever else he can do.

By – David Talbot Phil Rockstroh

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