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Bihar & Jharkhand - Opinions - December 25, 2017

लालू की जेल के पीछे का खेल!

By: Jayant jigyasu

Exchanged. Jagannath Mishra trapped in the fodder scamJagannath PrasadRemains are, Lalu PrasadLluaBecome. Lalu PrasadLluaBy the slippery travel Lalu Prasad's charioteer media of socialPsychological analysis should be.

Politicians who are capable of dealing with slip sectarianism without, Bgwatia Devi stonecrushing, Jai Narain Nishad, Brahmananda Paswan, Etc. sending Parliament, Bidi at Khagaria station Vidyasagar Nishad to create minister and freedom 43 After a lapse of years too young for a large part of society backward state like Bihar for connecting higher education 6 Popular and controversial leaders open new university politics of Lalu Prasad 1995 From Closer lookI am trying to understand. Then studied in class II. I know how to care definite, Which has not been blurred today. She was a large gathering of Aluli, Lalu Prasad was speaking into his own :

O cow herd members, Buffalo herd members,

Goat Cranewalo, Sheep grazing members,

Snail Bicne members,

Mousse (Mice) Remove the seeds from the bill members,

ReadTo write Learn, ReadTo write Learn.

Their every Expression On Spirited crowd Clap Time doing was. they today Too Hindi Belt The Those Chand Ace Speakers Of Fehrist In Enumeration Huh Who Oretri Of someone Emphasis No. CROWD Pulling In today Too Their someone Reactance No.

Crazy, Communal, Partitioning and Rashtrbnjk Politics To Those The Against Vertical To be Democratic Powers Of Role and our struggle In Their Contribution To We Meekness From Acceptance do Huh. With Leg Sudras And Dalits To Stumble Kill Were, Their Haughtiness To BreakingOf work Lalu Prasad has did.

continuously five Elections (February 05 and October 05 Of Assembly Election, 09 Of Loss Election, 10 Of Vis Election And 14 Of Loss Election) In ODI Defeat The after man power The Corridor In Albla The not To kisskiss From hand Shake To ready Ho go is, but Lalu Prasad has B J P The with sometimessomeone a settlement No did. Why, They George pharnandisa, Autumn Yadav, Vilas Paswan And Nitish Kumar From somewhere More Large leader The form In Akhliyton The between Established Huh. Like this No That GeorgeAutumnVilasSoft Of first Of fight To People Forgot Added Huh or Her Appreciate No is. but,Social Justice Communal Warmth The Without incomplete Will. Lalu Prasad towards Mine mine Criticisms Huh, On Political Evaluation Always Absolute No Ho can. Country Of Current Situation In Mine This only Recognition is. this Too truth is That Democracy In Election Only Everything No is,SocialCultural Awakening The for answer India In Comprehensive Level On someone Initiative Less Only Hui is.

someone so Interest Paid someone so Amenability Take

That Inquilaab Of that today till BorrowSa is.

(Narcotic Azmi)

Backrest Things One Side, Lalu Prasad Of secular Credentials One Side. Lalu G Of Similar Secular Image Of Coax Stayed Am. 90 The after Bihar In someone big riot No Having Gave. Current Things In where Secular Country To Hindu Nation In Transformed To Of Forcibly try OfGoing doing is, By the way In Social Fascism From Deal Of Adventurously Keep With leader sometimes non relevant No Ho Can. Bihar In Any To ours Term whole To No Gave go Was.

Karpoori Nobleman On Scam Of somewhere someone blame No Was, On twotwo times Their Government No Walking The Was. 70 The Late In Just Irrigation Department In They 17000 Vackensijh With Come Huh, And Jnsngi Background The People Ramsunder Slave To ahead By One Weeks The inside Government Girwa Currently Huh. Where a withSo much Large Scale On Fair Way From open rikrutamenta Ho, There master Roll On Homogeneous People To resumed Tax after In them Regularly Tax To Of Addiction From Helpless Racist People this Initiative To Because Digest Engaged.

Mr Krishna Lion The after ours Term Successfully whole To With Lalu Prasad Bihar The first Chief Minister Huh. Yes, Contradictions From twoFour Happen Indian Democracy Of Destiny Paired Going doing is, that Angers is. Whosoever Accumulationcollection Of Trend From Beyond Pa took, She ParliamentaryPolitical History In Karpoori NoblemanHoney limaye Of Kind Immortal Ho Will. So Sacrifice Of feeling The with Public service To With public The Nominee rare Come Huh. On, I Assuring I That today Too Even People Huh that Dirty Ambitions From Beyond society In Change The Wheels ToTwiddle Want Huh So person Of Dignity broken not Ho, All People The for Prestigious life make sure Ho Could. Overturns In Expert Nitish Kumar till has Similar year said, “Lalu G Of life struggle From full is. They The Kind The Background From Out Returns Huh And The HeightTo Obtain did is, She very Great talk is

90 The Round In when Advani G Chariot Festival On Out Were And Babri To Demolition Let's go Were, so Lalu Prasad has them Samastipur In God Gave Was. Unbound Crowd and All National Leaders Of The presence Patna Of One vast Rally In They Says Huh, “Even if Government are That rule walked Things, We Ours stateIn riotContention To Spreading No Will. where Bawela Stand To Of try Hui, so Strictly From Dealt Will. 24 Hours Eye Housed The I. More One Prime minister Of life Of Price is, More Only One Mango Human Of life Of Price is. when Human Only No Will, so Temple In BellWho Play it, when Human Only No Will so Mosque In Worship To Who Will ?”

One times East Prime minister Mr Chandrasekhar has House In said Was, that today power side The People To To forget No needed, “One talk We remember Keep That We History The Last man No Huh. We Fail Ho will, this Country Fail No Ho can. Country Alive Will, this Country Toworld Of someone Vigor Destroyed No Tax Can. these Limitless Power public Of, Our Power is, And That Power To We Wake up To, so these House Ours Duties Of obey Will.

when majority of People Army Call Tax Lalu Prasad To Arrested To OnCorruptionOf shield By Silence Wrapped The Were And Nitish G like People Conversely this Footstep The side In House In Ruckus Tax are Were, so Chandrasekhar has Lalu Prasad Case In CBI by Ours Rights OfEncroachment To, Judiciary To Ours hand In Take and Legislature To Anderstimet To The Unforgivable crime On Lok Sabha In debate do The that said Was, Him today remember Reply To Of Need is

Lalu Prasad has when Thyself Only said That surrender Tax Will, so 24 Hours In Like this WhoSa the mountain Broken Going Stayed Was That Army Convened Went ? Like this atmosphere Make Gone As Nation Of Sarah work Just Similar One Issues On Stalled Had Happened Ho. Lalu someone Country Excluding No Going are Were.Me On blame Engaged That Lalu To I protection Give Stayed I. I clear do Wants I That Mine Interest Any person special In No is, Like this By I this Parliamentary culture Of Modesty Of protection Tax Stayed I. when till someone Criminal Prove No Ho go, Him Criminal by saying IHim Degraded And Thyself To Tarnished No Tax can. this Parliamentary Tradition The Adverse is, humanModesty The Favorable No is.

Any The Character To Fallen give easy is, Any The the personality To the break give easy is. Lalu To Just Can Ho, Soft Lion To Fallen Can Ho, Any To Remove Can Ho public Of Eye From, but Us And Within Affordability No is That One Second Lalu Prasad or SecondSoft Make Please. Corruption Disappear needed, but Corruption In college Cash Of LanePittance No is. One word is Hindi In Which Integrity said go is, if Integrity (integrity) No is, so Government No Run Going Can. And, Integrity Of First Evidence is That that The Post On is, ThatPost Of Responsibility To fulfill The for, Responsibility To fulfill The for Self-control Housed, LessFromLess mine Voice On Restraint Keep. these No Happened director Sir.

CBI mine Limit From outside Added is, these Too talk right is That That Time Army The People has, Officials has Her Demand To agree reject Tax Gave Was. these Too that said Gone is That Patna High Court has For him Instructions Gave Was That Army Convened Should; they Call Can Huh,It Too Army The People has reject did Was. Such Situation In these clear Was That CBI The One person, They Ours Rights Of Encroachment did Was. I No knows That Calcutta High Court Of what decision is. That About In I some No tell Want. but these questionsMore Fundamental is Which Mention now Somnath Chatterjee has did. if police The People Army Call Of work To Access, so this Country Of Sarah format Only break will go.

Army Call The veryFrom Ways Huh. there On if Values Collect Chief Minister No Call are Were, there On Governor G Huh, here On Defence Minister G Huh, home Ministry was, veryFrom Resources Were, With Through That work To did Going can Was. but Any police Officer Of Straight ArmyThe near Reaching One Unforgivable crime is. I No knows kiss base On Calcutta High Court has said is That To those this talk The for Punishment No Get needed. I director Sir You Request Will And your Through this Government From Request Will That some People ThePer Our that Too feeling Ho, That feeling To Given The We constitution On Stymied not Having Allow, And All Officials To and All People To, Even if they Political leader When, Even if they Officer When; them constitution The inside work To The for obligate Please. And, if someone DistortionCame is, so his for Highest Court Of decision to take Required is, And me believe is That our Minister, our friend Mr Khurana Saheb this relation In they Just small Things From up Up The One Fundamental Question The up talk will do.

Lalu Prasad Ours style In Media To Too mine Credit Save and Created Keep Of Learn Currently Huh.National JournalismThe Hvnatmk Aspect The Relievo The Round In BtureSpecial One Eye :

entertainment Indian : some Gyanvrdhn Make head our.

(Please, enlighten me on your ideals in life.)

Lalu Prasad : Gyanvrdhne is, GreenGreen Vegetable Eat, Milk Drink, And true News Raid Stop.

(Eat green vegetables, drink milk and tell the truth in your reports.)

(Courtesy From : NDTV Classics)

Media Of Fundamental Characteristically Featured On Glance Make so Find Huh That family The insistence And putra- and brotherly love In Vilas Paswan ours Jug Change, so Maxim From Stray Happened, careerist, Opportunist And not To whatwhat Ho Are Huh, The Karnataka The Chief Minister, Maharashtra The Governor and CountryThe foreign Minister are s. M. Krishna, Giants Congress leader and Yupi The Chief Minister To HN Bahuguna Of Daughter and Yupi Congress Of director She Rita Bahuguna Joshi, And Uttarakhand The Chief Minister are Their Son victory Bahuguna Congress From Straight B J P Of Lap In Go Down Are Huh, soThat On someone Ruckus No Brpta, someone Discussion No The, them Media Of Market In Villain Prove To The for Evening debate In TV The Curtains Move No Takes; Conversely they great Rebel and Visionary leader Called Huh.

In fine what Reason is That Pouring Purists Of RuthlessInexorable Criticisms Of Circle LaluSoft The Sandalwoodcommentary To From Nvbrahmnwad Of Origin till Only Limited Stays is ?

Female reservation Bill On Cote The inside Cote Of fight The Kind Lalu Prasad has Autumn G and Soft G The with House The inside Fought, they KhabilePraise is. In fine To DeprivedExploitedPasmanda society Of Women Too Why No House Of Mouth View ? this muchSa finely Difference if understand In No now,And all Half Population Of Representation The for Sanjhide Politicians Of Initiative and tenacity To someone Female Anti Attitudes Agreement Returns is, so Their Desire Spontaneous understand In Arrival is. They Just Privilege get Women To House In To see Want Huh, PoorGurbe, Margins On ashes Went, Dual exploitation Of Kill Withstooddoing khavatina Their anxiety, concerns and Exchanged The center In No Huh. if Ours Original rigresiva Nature In Female reservation Bill Passed Ho go, so Exploited Section Of khavatina TukurTukur Mouth Faith with Stay Darted. We Want Huh That Parliament Of Grace Just Sushma Swaraj and Memory Iranian Like Women Only notIncrease, Rather Bgwatia Goddess, Phoolan Goddess and Sakina Ansari Too House The inside sinhagarjana Please.

Feed Scam The One Case In Jagannath Mishra Bari Ho Have Huh And Lalu Prasad To Punishment Narrated Went is. matter this No That Feed a scam Misir G The Time In Beginning Happened or after In, talk So muchC is That Where Read deny Was, there SixSix New University Open WithLalu Prasad Their Eye In This only Deserve do Huh. Knights The Haughtiness To Breaking With Lalu Political form From Hraye No Going Can Were, so Judicial Knights Of help took Gone.

Statute ours work do, by this Better some No Ho can. but Statute To gardaniya By his behind ours work Offers With Vicious Head when Locomotion In Incoming Engaged, so Consider That Statute Of conduct Done Going Stayed is. Symptoms Fine No Look are. Statute TheSelective Used On Jonathan Swift has Great exact Comment Of was :

“Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through.”

One Daily Autumn G From Their Dwelling On Visit Hui. They said, “twotwo times We Government Lost. One times JP The Invocation On And Again Thyself thought Of sound On Parliament From Resign. group Of fight In We All together Country Filled In Its side In Environment Make. Applied Happened, soCourt In Controversy Stand did. when till ASI In reservation No Will happen, In Dishonest On Eye Blind The believe No did Going can. if IHigherCast In Cause Happened Happen, so these Media The Samples me When Of hero Make Giving. I Says I That society The The last Footboard OfWomen To Too Parliament Access two, so these me, Lalu To, Soft To Female Anti Show Huh. Says Huh That We Tienon has Vimin Rejhrvesn Bill To Hang Gave. so, this Country In Ancestry Consumed went these All SufferSuffer. Long fight is. leg Breaking The Seated Am. On, Courage is ThatLess No Happen

so, Warriors Of One Maxim is That life The Any Too Area In, Any Too turn and Front On Mind tiny No did do.

Defeat what, when Mind not Defeated!

Lalu Prasad The Functioning Of Style The Per Mine mine Analysis is, And Criticism and disagreement Democracy Of Basic Bet Huh. On, this Time 24 Caret OfPuristsHaving Of No, Rather Outspoken sound Of Selective Targeting The Against Strength From Stand Having Of is.

-This article sent us the curious student John JNU who are studying media.

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