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International - Social - State - September 13, 2017

कौन है रोहिंग्या मुसलमान ? दिल दहल जाएगा पूरी कहानी जानकर!

Terrible forms of violence continue against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. Atrocities against, The process of tyranny is not taking the name of stopping. Nobody is going to listen to the pain of the Rohigya Muslims going through a very scary period.. Nor so heartless government nor human Haiwan remained there the man.

Close in Myanmar 8 Lakh Rohingya Muslims live and they have lived in this country for centuries, But the people of Burma and the government there do not consider these people as their citizens. Rohingya Muslims face persecution for no fault of theirs. year 1948 After the independence of Myanmar, the country's citizenship law was made. Rohingya Muslims were not included in this.

Sun 1962 After the military insurgency in Myanmar, the bad days of Rohingya Muslims started. Sun 1982 In went another came civil law and wrested completely Rohingya Muslims citizenship through it. Education law, Employment, journey, marriage, The benefits of religious freedom and health services have also been denied them.

The majority of Myanmar's population is Buddhist. According to an estimate, in Myanmar 10 There are lakhs of Rohingya Muslims. It is said about them that they are illegal Bangladeshi immigrants. The government has refused to grant them citizenship.

Although they have been living in Myanmar for generations. in Rakhine State 2012 Communal violence continues since. A large number of people have lost their lives in this violence and more than one lakh people have been rendered homeless. in which 40 More than a thousand are living in India and millions in Bangladesh.


Rohingya Muslims face widespread discrimination and abuse. Rohingya Muslims allege that people of Buddhist religion are carrying out racial attacks on them.. They are killing their innocent. Because of Rohingya Muslims are forced to go to other countries, But their bad luck that other countries are not allowed to adopt them.

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