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तो इस वजह से की परमात्मा यादव ने आत्महत्या, खबर पढ़कर समझिए पूरा मामला ?

Allahabad. Parmatma Yadav, project fellow of IIIT, an educational institute in Allahabad, UP 28 Suicide was done on August. It is alleged that saddened by the harassment of the Fellow Guides, Parmatma Yadav has committed suicide. 8 He got married only a month ago. The special thing is that a night before the suicide, he had told the story of his harassment to his elder brother Avneesh and the next morning he was found hanging in the house.

What is the whole matter ?

Parmatma Yadav was a resident of Gorakhpur, his father has died. Mother and 8 Months ago, after tying the knot with Agni as a witness, he was doing research from Triple IT with wife Ritu Yadav, living in a rented house in Rajruppur, Allahabad. His guide was Professor Anupam Agarwal of Triple IT.

– 28 On the morning of August, the body of Paramatma Yadav was found hanging in the corridor of his rented house. The night before the suicide, he killed his elder brother and CISF Spoke to jawan Avnish Yadav over phone. then he said, His research work has been completed. Despite this his professor is not giving his documents. Not signing nodejs. She is very upset because of this.

Very requested, But he threatens to waste his career and asks to remain calm. She has dozens of job offers, But due to lack of high school intermediate degree-diploma, he is not able to join the job. Then the elder brother had explained to him that everything would be fine.

Avnish Yadav says, Did you know that something else is going on in the heart and mind of God? The news of his death was received early in the morning.

Avneesh Yadav, who is going through the pain of losing his younger brother, has vowed that he will never spare Professor Anupam Agarwal, who is responsible for his death.

The charge on the professor is almost certain
Allegations against his guide professor Anupam Aggarwal in the suicide case of Parmatma Yadav, research scholar at IIIT, Jhalwa, Allahabad are being proved true.

His guide's wrong actions were behind the divine suicide, This has been fixed in the investigation so far. After the complaint of Avnish Yadav, on the instructions of SSP Anand Kulkarni, CO Civil Lines Sreeschand is investigating the matter.

On Sunday, he called Professor Anupam Agarwal and questioned him for hours. The professor became uneasy on many questions. Many times he gave evasive answers.

Police 4 In September, IIIT also investigated by opening the lock of the seal lab. There was also a lot of evidence picked up from there.


Professor is responsible for suicide
In the complaint submitted to CO Civil Lines Sreeschand, Avneesh Yadav has directly attributed the suicide of his younger brother Paramatma Yadav to Anupam Agarwal, Professor of Information Technology at IIIT.

He has also sent a copy of the complaint to DGP UP and Director IIIT.
The SSP has assured them that the professor's crime will not be covered. He proves guilty, Then action will be taken against him.

Professor used to abuse god, One night before my brother told me these things
According to avnish, God told him on the phone one night before Suicide that his document was December 2015 Should have been found after January 2016 Since then the deceased had started filling the form for the job. But he was not given leave even for the interview.

All this information is recorded in his mail. Whenever God asked the professor for documents, he would abuse him and drive him away and threatened to ruin his career.

what does the police say?
SSP Anand Kulkarni said that the investigation into the death of IIIT research student Paramatma Yadav has been handed over to CO Civil Lines.

The brother of the deceased has given an application, The brother of the deceased has given an application

CO Civil Lines Srishchandra says that the professor has been called and questioned. Seal lab has also been inspected, Many important evidences have been found.

Police investigation is not over yet, Anything can be said only after the investigation is completed.


Wife is confident that the police will get justice
Ritu Yadav, wife of Project Fellow Paramatma Yadav, has full faith in the investigation of the police administration. He says that God and the police will definitely do justice to him. MSC first division pass season 8 Got married just a month ago.


It is near from Gorakhpur district 20 She was a resident of a village kilometers away and was preparing herself by staying here with her husband.

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