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Social - December 23, 2017

After Love Now Land Jihad

By – Ali Akmal
After “Love Jihad” right wing groups is all set to take up what they named “Land Jihad”. After Akhila-Hadiya, Anusha Hegde and lots of “Love Jihad” cases now right wings shifting focus to the new ‘Land Jihad”.

Bajrang Dal convenor from Meerut said, “There is a sinister strategy by members of the minority community to buy a house in a Hindu-dominated locality. Over time, due to their activities, their Hindu neighbours are compelled to sell their houses to other minority families and move away. In this way the entire neighbourhood becomes dominated by that community and there is exodus of Hindus. All this comes under land jihad. We will now campaign more aggressively against this.”

This statement comes just day after when a family was forcefully stopped from selling their house to a muslim family in Maliwara area of Meerut. On Sunday night, jeweller Sanjay Rastogi about to sold his house in a Hindu-dominated area but as soon as right wing got news of it. They reached out to Sanjay Rastogi and not allowed him to sold his house.

Deepak Sharma, city secretary for BJP youth wing said, “We have convinced Rastogi not to allow anyone from the minority community to buy the house.”

Nauman Ahmad recently purchased a house in the Maliwara locality of the city from Sanjay Rastogi. However, when he and his family reached to take possession on 17th of December, they face the fire of the nearby hindu residents who done protest against outside their house.

The protest was led by the members of the youth wing of BJP, Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, later joined by BJP corporator Sandeep Goel.

According to the Ahmad’s family they bought this home worth Rs 28.3 lakhs. With no way of taking the possession of the house, after the intervention of police, owners have now agreed to repay the amount by February next year.

So after “Love Jihad” now new topic for right wing is “Land Jihad”.

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