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Social - State - January 14, 2018

बेरोजगारी ने इंजीनियर, एमबीए, पीएचडी धारकों को चपरासी बनने पर किया मजबूर

new Delhi. Everyone is aware of the extent to which the youth across the country are worried about employment. It is another matter that our governments, who make all the promises of providing employment before elections, forget to fulfill them.

The unemployment of the youth in Madhya Pradesh is troubling the judges this time. In fact, Peon in Gwalior District Court 57 for posts 60 Thousands of applications have come. The surprising thing is that the honorarium of the post is only seven and a half thousand rupees., But most of the candidate engineer, MBA and even PhD degree holders.

Seeing these applications, the district court administration is also sweating., Because the educational qualification for peon 810th pass has been kept. So everyone has to go through the screening and personal interview in front of the judge which is a big challenge.

सेना भर्ती के बराबर शहर में उमड़ने वाली इस बेरोजगारों की भीड़ को कैसे नियंत्रित करेंगे, The administration has also lost its hands and feet regarding this. Youths from neighboring states have also applied for this.

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