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Social - Southern India - January 2, 2018

Bahujan Community Faces The Terror Of Hindutva On The Eve Of New Year

By – Ali Akmal

On 1st January while the nation was celebrating the advent of the new calendar, a Bahujan community of Tamil Nadu faced the wrath of Hindutva goons. The right wingers on Monday evening attacked the group of Bahujan community when they were celebrating the new year.

As per the report published in The New Indian Express, a mob of right wings attacked the houses of Bahujan, damaged their vehicles and also shattered their houses.

According to police Bahujans were celebrating the new year with sound system, regarding the new year celebrations they made an arch of balloons at the entrance on the main road of Kenipalam.

Right wings from the neighbouring village of Ambalapattu North forcefully entered the event and started arguing with the Bahujans over the sound system. This turns into violence as they called other community members.

It all started when T Srirangan (56), S Rajkumar (35) and Gunasekaran of the Bahujan community confronted with right wings.

They went on a rampage, houses along with household articles including TVs and furniture were also damaged by right wings. Reportedly 14 houses were damaged.

In response to this, Bahujans blocked the Thanjavur-Pattukkotai road for at least two hours which halt the traffic.

According to the Additional Superintendent of Police, S Kannan, so far six members of the right wings are arrested and further investigations are going on.

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