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International - Social - November 18, 2017

Barack Obama will visit India Soon

By – Ali Akmal

Former US President Barack Obama will be in New Delhi on 1 st of
December 2017 to participate in a Town Hall organised by the Obama

Non-Profit Organization, Obama Foundation was established in January
2014 to carry on the great, unfinished project of renewal and global
progress. Officially established as an operating, 501(c)(3) nonprofit
corporation, the Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of
directors chaired by civic leader Martin Nesbitt.

In a statement Foundation identified India as among the world’s most
culturally, religiously and ethnically diverse nations. Obama believes that
country will be stronger when we empower our youngsters because
ultimately, they will shape the future of our country.

As we all better knows that former US president Barack Obama is a good
friend of Indian prime minister Modi, he will visit India next month to
hold interactive session with the young leaders.

Obama foundation tweeted, “On December 1, @BarackObama is headed
to India to host a Town Hall with hundreds of young leaders. Obama
Foundation on social media posted a video in which the former president
said, I want to have a chance to talk to young people who are doing
amazing work all across India.

We’re going to be organizing a town hall with young leaders from
various parts of India, who can share with me some of the work they’re
trying to do in their communities,he added.

Post-presidency this will be Obama’s first visit to India.

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