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जन्मदिन: बिरसा मुंडा एक ऐसा क्रांतिकारी योद्धा जिसने तीर कमान से किया था अंग्रेजों की गोलियों का सामना

Many tribal revolutionaries in the struggle for freedom played an important role, One of them was Birsa Munda. Birsa Munda was a tribal leader and folk hero who belonged to the Munda caste. Birsa proved to be a major link in the history of the Indian independence movement in the 19th century. The millennium movement led by him had a great impact in Bihar and Jharkhand.

who was birsa munda ?

Birth of Birsa Munda 1875 E. I was born in Ranchi in the state of Jharkhand. Birsa's father Sugna Munda was an associate of German missionaries. He attended the German Mission School in 'Chaibasa' for a few days. But their tribal culture was ridiculed in schools., He could not tolerate Birsa. On this they also started making fun of the priests and their religion. Then what was left Christian missionaries expelled him from the school.

A new twist in Birsa's life

After this there was a new turning point in Birsa's life. He got in touch with Swami Anand Pandey and got introduced to the characters of Hindu religion and Mahabharata. it is said that 1895 I had some such supernatural happenings, Due to which people started considering Birsa as an incarnation of God. The belief became firm among the people that diseases are cured by the touch of Birsa.

Anger towards the British

Birsa Munda snatches land of tribals, I had seen with my own eyes the mischief of making people Christian and the women being taken away by touts, which sparked in their minds the anger of the British incest.

Motivation of struggle against landlords

Birsa Munda also inspired the people to fight against the zamindars who exploited the farmers. Seeing this, the British government prevented them from gathering crowds. Birsa said that I am teaching my religion to my caste. On this the police tried to arrest him but the villagers rescued him. Soon he was again arrested and put in Hazaribagh Jail for two years. He was later released with a warning that he would not campaign.

Formation of tribal organization

But where were Birsa supposed to believe? After his release, he formed two groups of his followers. One party started promoting Munda religion and the other started doing political work. New youths were also recruited. On this, the government again issued a warrant for his arrest., But Birsa Munda did not get caught. This time the movement moved forward with the aim of seizing power by force. It was decided to remove the European officers and clergy and establish a new state under the leadership of Birsa in their place.

Birsa's campaign

Birsa Munda 1900 Declaring to revolt against the British, he said, “We declare rebellion against the British rule and will never follow the British rules., O fair skinned British, what is your work in our country? Chota Nagpur is ours for centuries and you cannot snatch it from us so it is better to go back to your country or else the dead bodies will be piled up| ” When this declaration was sent to the British in a manifesto, the British sent their army to capture Birsa. |

Arrest and Martyrdom

24 December, 1899 started a movement, In which the police stations were attacked with arrows and set on fire. There was also a direct encounter with the army, But the arrows and arrows could not face the bullets. Birsa Munda's companions were killed in large numbers. British government to suppress the rebellion 3 February 1900 Ko Munda was arrested while he was sleeping in the forest with his tribal guerrilla army.| That time 460 The tribals were also arrested along with them.


Birsa Munda was arrested by two people of his own caste in the greed of money. 9 june, 1900 E. He died mysteriously in Ranchi jail. The British-government had given the cause of death as cholera even though they had no symptoms of cholera.| Maybe they were poisoned. Only 25 At the age of one year, he did such work that even today Bihar ,The tribal people of Jharkhand and Orissa remember him.

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