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Social - Southern India - December 30, 2017

Cops Brutally Assaulted Two Transwoman In Kerala

By – Ali Akmal

The third gender, Transgender always remains on backfoot and side line as in the 21 st
century. They still treating as the unacceptable all across the nation and transgender fighting
for their existence in the society. Transwoman facing eve teasing, sledging, sexual abuse all
across the nation. They not allowed access in public places, Society even tagged all
transwoman as sex worker.

The Transgender bill still hanging in balance which prohibits discrimination against a
transgender person in areas such as education, employment, and healthcare.
In Kozhikode on 27 th December police officials allegedly assault two transgenders when they
were on their way back to home after dance practice. Mamta Jasmine and Susmitha were
supposed to perform in a cultural programme. They are very good dancers.

The cops were patrolling near the railway station and SM street, according to both policemen
allegedly attack them without any provocation. Susmitha said “We kept begging them to
stop, telling them we would die if they kept beating us like that. They told us we were better
off dead”.

While speaking to TNM Susmitha said “We were walking back home after the practice
session for a cultural event. The officers were patrolling at night and it was around 2 am.
Without any provocation, the officers stopped their vehicle and charged at us”.

Treatment of both injured transgenders is going on in Kozhikode Beach General Hospital.
With the help of some friends, trans women registered a complaint in the Kozhikode town
police station. DCP of Kozhikode, Merin Joseph will look into the incident as Kerala Chief
Minister ordered a probe.

Meanwhile, Collector UV Jose ordered the district police chief to investigate the allegations
after the brutality by policemen with these transgenders.

Transwoman and activist by profession, Alina told TNM that there are many officials who are
supportive and understand our problems, but such instances of violence against us is not

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