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Social - State - January 22, 2019

EVM Remains Undemocratic and Wrong No Matter who Wins .”

Our votes are nothing but an act of expression which has immense importance in Democratic system of India.It is always peoples choice in democracy to to elect a person ,similarly to select the mode of election is also integral to Democracy .Therefore,to decide whether the elections will be conducted using EVMs or through paper ballot rests with people.

When the Ban EVM movement was in in vogue and gaining momentum , some opportunists and political parties along with Mr. Rahul Gandhi and such others questioned the credibility and authenticity of voting through EVMs .But we see suddenly they ignored and choose to keep mum after these state elections.It seems EVMs are functional to them and do not infringe our fundamental rights as long as they win ; and if lost it reminds them of how unconstitutional are are EVMs to Indian Democracy.The past complaints about EVM rigging were irrespective of which political party leader is complaining.Today we see, CongRss sweeping away votes and registering victory in all states.Earlier L. K. Advani had demanded paper back up to electronic voting and other parties such as CPM, TDP, AIDMK, RJD, LJP & Trinamool congress, Shiromani Akali Dal and AAP also have had alleged of EVM rigging and complained about its hacking.Not only thess parties but in 2001, Aamrinder Singh of Punjab Pradesh Congress alleged that EVMs can be tampered ang rigged.Earlier in 2009, S. Swamy had alleged that Sonia Gandhi had appointed US Bank Account Hackers.

So, its high time for bahujan masses to understand the ‘EVM game plot ‘ that is the nexus of two teams BJP/NDA & Congress/UPA , they enjoy power and opposition alternatively.So that both along with the capitalist class reap the political/social and economic benefits and none is suspected.They both are Brahmin-Baniya Gathjod parties.
Exit polls of marginalized bahujan media were confident enough with the victory of BSP, samajwadi party and other non-brahmanical parties. Infact , all the alliance by SC,ST& OBC parties could have ensured congress’ and BJP’s defeat in these state elections. Though non-brahmincal alliance despite comprising the majority of population won few seats but still could not form government in majority in any state.

To clothe the torpedoing of UPA & NDA’s co-allied EVM scam and bahujans could react, there came the Rafael judgement with blunder typing errors or deliberately misleading human errors.These issues though important shouldn’t sway us from the movement to Ban EVM and reclaim paper ballot because, nothing can be more ridiculous than to let your votes rigged.
Hopefully, the demand to ban EVM rises and all the Bahujan (non-bhramin) parties unitedly take this initiative to Ban EVM , reclaim voting through Paper ballot and Save our Democracy !

~ Pallavi Nandeshwar

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