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Social - February 7, 2018

Haryana, Kasganj …How many more ?

Maybe some of you will not agree with this ‘Violence Is The Second Name Of BJP’, but the fact is that since BJP comes in power, graph of crime, violence goes up and still going at good rate.

Whether it’s Haryana, Uttar Pradesh or any other state wherever BJP is in rule, hooliganism of right wings is on top. Their workers, members arbitrary manhandling minorities and administration is silent. Latest addition is Kasganj. On the eve of 26th January Trianga yatra took place which ended dramatically. Chandan Gupta left this world and left behind a big question who is behind all this?

Soon after the rally tension amid across the kasganj as right wings came out furiously on the streets of kasganj and raised slogans and demand of justice. It all happened when group of bike-borne men with tiranga in their hands which is believed to be associated with Hindutva groups trespassed in a muslim dominate colony. This leads to the arguments between the two groups.

In the result Chandan Gupta left this world. Following the incident clashed take place, shops, buses, car everything were set on fire. But the question is where is the administration? Why administration is not taking the required steps to stop this hooliganism over the name of caste and religion. So far only two are arrested and infact they are muslim too. Apart from government some of the media channels also presenting it as it all happened due to the muslims.

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