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Delhi-NCR - Social - November 22, 2017

Illegal Parking Become Interesting

By Ali Akmal

In all across Delhi – NCR there is a quite common problem of illegal parking which we faced every day. Now the transport minister Nitin Gadkari finds a unique way of resolving this issue.

Gadkari asked citizens to clicked the picture of wrongly parked car and send it to the administration, the complainant will get the 10 percent of that fine as reward. He added that he felt “ashamed” that absence of parking lots outside his own Ministry others to park on road which results in blocking the way to Parliament.

Transport Minister said “In my Motor Vehicle Act, I am going to add one law (provision). Any car on road, you just take the photo on your mobile and send it to the department concerned or Police. There will be Rs 500 fine and 10 percent will go to the complainant,”

Now we have to see will this move of transport minister Nitin Gadkari able to resolve the issue of illegal parking across Delhi – NCR.

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