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Politics - Social - December 24, 2017

India – Under The Cage Of Hindutva

By – Ali Akmal

Since 2014 when Prime Minister Narendra Modi sworn in as the 14th prime minister of India and took over the charge, everyone was hoping for the big change as everyone seems fed up with the than ruling party congress. During his election campaign now, prime minister Modi raise the slogan “Na khane dunga Na khaunga” and also promised the nation to get back all the black money.

Well, it seems that it was all the fake promises which prime minister Modi made to the nation. Now everyone cursing himself for what they think at the time of voting is not happening at all.

Getting 15 lakhs in accounts is like a dream which may be not turned into reality ever as no one gets even 15 Rs in their accounts. Apart from this Demonetisation comes as a big change in 2016 and in fact, it comes as shock for most as it shaken the base of the common man. Maybe the ruling party keeps praising themselves for bringing Demonetisation, but the ground reality is different. Everyone from the road to parliament seems affected by Demonetisation, it’s a different aspect that no one dares to stand and oppose the decision of the government.

After the unbearable shock of Demonetisation, the government comes up with another thing named GST which broke the back of all the industrialists all across India. All big and small industrialist suffered a huge loss in their turnovers and many of them had to shut down their business.

Apart from GST, Demonetisation, fake promises by Prime Minister Modi of making India corruption free, it seems that right wings like Hindu Jagran Manch, Hindu Dharma Parirakshana, Hindu Yuva Vahini, Hindu nationalist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha and much more acting like the Boss of the nation.

Party workers and leaders doesn’t care about the law and order, in fact, taking the administration in the lenient way everywhere across India.

After Gujarat assembly election, leaders and heads of right wings acting more actively and imposing their new rules day by day on the minority.

In Aligarh Hindu Jagran Manch a few weeks back issued a threating letter to all the schools and universities in which they threatened them not to celebrate Christmas as it may lure students towards Christianity.

Now in the latest addition in it, the Hindu Dharma Parirakshana Trust of Andhra Pradesh issued letters to the authorities of temple regarding not to celebrate Christmas nor to enlighten temple also on the eve of the New year.

Well, one thing strikes in our mind are we really get our freedom or not…In the 21st century, we still are not free and forced to get a certificate before loving or marrying someone or even celebrating a festival.

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