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वर्तमान हालातों से आहत होकर IPS डॉ बीपी अशोक ने पद से दिया इस्तीफा, मचा हड़कंप

By: Sushil Kumar

Lucknow. In the midst of nationwide protests against the SC/ST Act, an ASP of UP has resigned from his post, hurt by the current situation.. Additional Superintendent of Police Dr. BP Ashok was posted in the Training Directorate of Uttar Pradesh Police. There has been a stir since his resignation.

ASP BP Ashok President, In his letter sent to the Governor and Director General of Uttar Pradesh Police, 7 Mentioned demands. In this, he has also appealed to save parliamentary democracy.. Along with this, there has also been a demand to make a clear law against caste.. BP Ashok has demanded that the government either accept his demand or his resignation should be accepted.

BP Ashok has written in the letter that he has been deeply hurt by the kind of situations that are being created in the country. That's why they are taking a very tough decision of their life. However, so far no news has come about the acceptance of the resignation by the UP Police Administration. Let us tell you that in protest against the new guidelines of the Supreme Court in the SC / ST Act, Bahujan organizations had called Bharat Bandh on Monday. On this occasion, incidents of violence came to the fore in many states. The question is that when an IPS level officer is forced to resign from his post seeing the current situation, then it is a big deal in itself., Also raises question mark on our system?

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