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Delhi-NCR - Social - October 14, 2017

Justice is not meant for everyone, A year of Najeeb disappearance

New Delhi, Now it has been a year since Najeeb disappeared from JNU campus after getting assaulted by 11 ABVP member. On Friday 13th of October Fatima Nafees, mother of Najeeb gave a call to protest at the CBI Headquarter. More than hundreds of protestors gathered in front of headquarter and questioned CBI.

“Why Najeeb is still untraceable? I always call CBI and enquire about the Najeeb, they never bothered to update me about the case,” said Fatima Nafees. She asked policemen to join the protest since it’s a matter of ‘mother who lost her son’.

Photograph/ Anwarul Hoda for National India News

The protest began at the noon of Friday and is like to continue for some more days. As per latest information, no authority has contacted to the protestors while people who spent all night on the road are stubborn to meet higher authority of CBI to seek clarification on what’s going in the case.

The protest was join by several student organisation and few political outfit including many individual activist.

Photograph/ Anwarul Hoda for National India News

Chronology of the event

14 Oct 2016: Najeeb was assaulted by ABVP.

15 Oct 2016: Najeeb mysteriously disappeared from JNU.

16 Oct 2016: On Najeeb’s mother complain, Delhi Police lodged a case of abduction.

17 Oct 2016: Protests started by students of JNU inside and outside the campus.


In the end of October, Delhi Police announced a reward of Rs 50,000 for anyone providing information to locate Najeeb. The amount was later increased to Rs 5 lakh by the end of Nov. 2016.


20 Oct 2016: Delhi Police set up a Special Investigation Team (SIT) on the instruction of Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

11Nov 2016: Delhi Police transferred the case to its Crime Branch.

25 Nov 2016: Mother Fatima Nafees filed a litigation in Delhi High Court.

16 May 2017: The Delhi High Court asked CBI to probe the case as Delhi police could not get any breakthrough even after six months.

3 June 2017: CBI filed a FIR for “kidnapping with intent to secretly and wrongfully confine” Najeeb.


After the four-month, India’s leading investigation agency too failed in creating either impact in the case.


13 October 2017: Major protest called by Fatima Nafees at the CBI Headquarter


The next hearing in the Delhi High Court is scheduled for 16th Oct.

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