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Politics - Social - November 19, 2017

Rafale Aircraft Deal; the scam in making

Na Khaunga Na Khane Dunga (Neither I will do scam nor let anybody the scam). One among the slogan which made BJP popular during 2014 general election. The catchy slogan streamed everywhere on media and flagged in most of the BJP’s posters. The current Prime minister than vowed to eradicate corruption from Indian soil.

Three years after the mandate wait for the Achhe Din is not yet over but however, BJP maintained the legacy of its predecessor. The Modi led BJP government continued the staunch relationship with corporates. And alike previous Congress government reports on corruption is a daily affair in the country.

Recently, Rafale deals scam again in media debate after 2015 when Primeminster Modi renegotiated the deal with France.

Congress leader, Abhishek Manu in 2015 raise his concern that this might be a scam in making. He during the press conference said, with the announcement of 36 Rafale Jets Prime Minister Modi had broken the established legal norms of purchasing defence equipment.

“The PM keeps talking of ‘Make in India’ and says that the additional 108 aircraft will be made in India, but there is no talk of technology transfer. The purchase is unilateral and is nothing but ‘Make in France’”


After two years question has been again raised by Congress. The Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said, “India’s defence preparedness cannot be a subject matter of politicking nor can the sacrosanct premises of ‘Defence Ministry’ be used for political mudslinging as is being done by Modi government and its Defence Minister,”

However, the newly appointed defence minister, Nirmala Sitharaman rejected the charges made by Congress and denounce the Congress statement as ‘shameful’.

Rahul Gandhi, responding to Defence Minister statement he tweeted,

Dear RM, what’s shameful is your boss silencing you. Please tell us:
1. Final price of each Rafale jet?
2. Did PM take CCS permission before announcing purchase in Paris?
3. Why PM bypassed experienced HAL & gave the deal to AA rated businessman with no defence experience?

This is not clear whether the Rafale deal will be scanned by security agency or not but it has brought BJP on the back foot during the main time of Gujarat election campaign.

Read below the Defence Minister’s clarification which is followed by Congress spokesperson’s questions:


Sitharaman’s justification

  • These allegations are shameful…The deal was finalised following a transparent procedure.
  • The defence minister also called the bickering against the deal as “disservice” to the armed forces, asserting that urgent requirement of the Indian Air Force was the main reason for sealing it.
  • The defence minister said the final agreement for 36 Rafale jets was signed in September 2016, after five rounds of lengthy discussions between Indian and French sides and approval by the Cabinet Committee on Security.

She said the UPA government had sat over the proposed procurement of jets for 10 years.


Randeep Surjewala’s question

  • Is it not true that on the date of announcement of the purchase of 36 Rafale Aircrafts by PM on 10th April 2015; no procedure had been followed? Is it also not true that as per Defence Procurement Procedure, 2013; ‘Contract Negotiations Committee’ i.e. CNC and ‘Price Negotiations Committee’ i.e. PNC had to first make price discovery followed by inter-governmental agreement, which would follow the announcement of the purchase? Is it not true that on 10th April 2015; none of these had been followed?


  • Why was the public sector undertaking, HAL by-passed for getting 30,000 crores worth offset contract despite the work share agreement dated 13.03.2014 between HAL and Dassault Aviation? Why did the Prime Minister promote the interests of a private corporate entity over a public sector undertaking?


  • Is it not correct that HAL is the only Indian entity which has decades of experience of building aircrafts? How was HAL by-passed in favour of Reliance, when Reliance had zero experience of building fighter aircrafts? Even Reliance Group and Shri Anil Ambani have admitted to being present at the time PM unilaterally announced the purchase of 36 Rafale Aircrafts on 10th April Why is Defence Minister denying this important fact?


  • UPA contract for the purchase of 126 Rafale Aircrafts ensured transfer of technology. Why does the Defence Minister feel that transfer of technology does not make sense for Indian strategic interest? Would it then not mean doubling the life cycle cost as there would be perpetual defendant on Dassault Aviation for all subsequent maintenance, overhaul and upgradation of aircrafts?

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