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रोहित के साथ ही परमात्मा यादव, नजीब, अनीता और डेल्टा मेघवाल को भी खा गए ये शिक्षण संस्थान

Today the whole country is remembering a Bahujan hero who had, Never compromise on ideas. Even if he had to pay the price with his life. We are talking about Rohit Vemula. Rohit left this world but left many questions, On this casteist substandard system of the society which even after years does not consider Bahujans as human beings. ideas of Bahujans, His voice does not like to see his existence standing next to him. After the martyrdom of Rohit, there was a demand to make Rohit Vemula Act. Under which the harassment happening in educational institutions could be stopped, but this matter was also put in cold storage.

The story is not just of one Rohith Vemula, the system of educational institutions and caste violence has made many students their victims. It seems that the universities of our country have become graveyards not educational institutions.!

Paramatma Yadav, who completed his PhD by clearing JRF after doing MTech in BHU, committed suicide. Because caste discrimination continued with them continuously. Despite the completion of PhD, the professor had withheld his marksheet and other documents. Paramatma was married only eight months before the suicide.

It has been more than two years for the student Najeeb who went missing from JNU but till now no clue has been found. Before going missing, Najeeb had a dispute with the students of Akhil Bharatiya Parishad Students' Union. Najeeb's mother crying, ever the police, ever cbi, Sometimes I used to complain to these governments to find my son but dumb- The deaf system does not hear the voice of a mother!

At the same time, Anita, who hails from Ariyalu district of Tamil Nadu, was from a very poor family., After topping the 12th with hard work, when he dreamed of becoming a doctor, a tough exam like NEET took his life. While fighting in the Supreme Court against the NEET exam, when she missed the exam, Anita broke down badly and committed suicide.

in Bikaner, Rajasthan 29 march 2016 Bahujan girl student in Ko Jain Adarsh ​​Girl Teacher Training Institute Nokha She was murdered after raping Delta Meghwal. Delta was studying BSTC in this institute. Delta was a wonderful student and a wonderful painter.

आखिर कब मिलेगा रोहित वेमुला को इंसाफ?

आखिर कब मिलेगा रोहित वेमुला को इंसाफ? पूरे दो साल हो गए

Gepostet von National India News am Dienstag, 16. Januar 2018

And many more such students' lives were taken by these educational institutions. But the sad thing is that in all these cases none of the guilty got strict punishment. With the mention of these incidents, many questions start arising in the mind. Why are students being harassed in educational institutions?, Why are students especially from Bahujan Samaj targeted?? Why the terrible effect of religion and casteism is seen from the village to the higher institutions of education? After all what was the fault Rohit Vemula, Paramatma Yadav, Anita, Najeeb and Delta Meghwal's? Just imagine what phase we are going through, the institution in which we go to make a perfect career of our own, becomes a graveyard in it.? But one thing is certain that the governments of the country are equally responsible for these incidents as the college administration.!

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