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Social - State - November 11, 2017

RSS कार्यकर्ता के घर में बम बनाते वक्त विस्फोट, पुलिस ने बरामद किया आधा किलो गन पाउडर

Kerala. National self servant who claims to be nationalist union has a news front attached. जिसने आरएसएस पर सवालिया निशान खड़े कर दिए हैं। केरल में एक आरएसएस कार्यकर्ता के घर में बम बनाते वक्त विस्फोट हो गया. After which the worker died. The most special thing in the incident is that from the worker's house 500 Gram gun powder is recovered. Which will be used to make explosive material.

According to media reports, the incident is from Kuthuparamba in Kannur district. According to media reports, RSS worker Valayangadan Raghu was making a bump in his house when the explosion took place.. According to police, the roof of Raghu's house collapsed. Police reached the site of the incident from the house of the RSS worker 500 The materials that make up the village blast have also been recovered.

Police has registered a case against Raghu, although Raghu's son is being absconding since the incident.. Let me tell you that last year also a BJP worker was killed due to an explosion while making a bomb in Kuthuparamba.


The bloody struggle between the Left and BJP in Kerala has been going on for a long time.. The Left claims that the BJP and Sangh workers have started the violent incidents in the state. At the same time, BJP claims that RSS workers are targeting the workers of the Left.

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