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राज्यसभा पहुँचकर जनता की आवाज क्यों नहीं बन पाए क्रिकेट में नाम कमाने वाले सचिन?

By: Ankur Sethi

Exchanged: Sachin Tendulkar You may be the alleged god of cricket, Can be the life of millions of cricket fans. But I would definitely like to know that uncountable names in cricket, wealth, After fame, when you went to Parliament House as a representative of the people / Rajya Sabha MP, how many issues did you raise for your countrymen??

140 Big India with crore population In poverty, starvation, Employment, Health ,population growth problem, The problem of inflation and corruption, Illiteracy/illiteracy, child marriage, Child labour, problems of casteism, From towns to cities have penetrated even today.

You are not ignorant of these problems Sachin Tendulkar, everyone knows! If your voice was raised, you would have been heard for crores and billions, you would have been on a mission., students protesting, farmers, In the interest of the unemployed, a rally of lakhs would have followed you, but except for a few questions, you did not do anything so that India can remember your contribution to the society., Just like other leaders have buried the hopes in the pit, so did you Sachin Tendulkar.

You will be considered a good cricketer but never a good public leader by not raising the voice of the public., You 140 The voice of the pain of crores of countrymen was never heard in Parliament and this tease will always haunt me Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar…..

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