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Culture - Social - State - March 23, 2018

शहीद दिवस: भगत सिंह और राष्ट्रवाद…पढ़िए झकझोर देने वाला विमर्श

By: Keerti Kumar

विमर्श। 23 At the age of today, a youth asks for a review of a movie or score of cricket!! If you are more educated then you will be found in a religious place wishing for a bright future! But in this age, skeptical prudence, rational ideological ability can hardly be seen anywhere. Bhagat Singh is remembered only for hanging by some arrogant hypocritical nationalists. Bhagat Singh's decision to ascend the gallows was truly revolutionary. It is a great thing to sacrifice life for the nation at a young age. But even more revolutionary is the idea of ​​Bhagat Singh. To walk on, Many people do not understand them even after they are old.

Even in today's scientific era when many people are victims of superstition such as Spirit-God and Reincarnation, His book Why i am a naturalist?’, In this, he has refuted the soul and rebirth as follows. ‘…Knows that the moment Fnda rope look at my neck and board from the bottom of my feet would stray, That would be a complete stop - that would be the last moment. I or my soul will all end there. There will be nothing further.…Years later, Sir Stephen Hocking, considered one of the greatest scientists of the century, said the same ..!

Merely 23 At the age of Bhagat Singh had reached the root of the nation's problem.. He writes about Brahmanism, “..Like when a chamar or a scavenger is born here, the fate of a human being will be? Since he is poor, That is why I cannot study. He is despised and abandoned by his peers., Those who are born in the upper caste consider themselves to be high. His ignorance, His poverty and his treatment makes his heart callous to society. If someone sins, Then who will bear its fruit? God, He himself or the saint of society? And what about the punishment of those people, Whose proud Brahmins deliberately kept ignorant and whom your holy books of knowledge- Because of listening to some sentences of the Vedas, they had to suffer punishment to bear the stream of melted lead in the ear.?..”

Another story of Bhagat Singh attacking the casteism is interesting. The person who cleaned Bhagat Singh's barrack was named Bogha. But bhagat singh babe him (The mother) Used to say that. Bogha bhangi was, So often people get confused why Bhagat Singh is comparing Bogha with his mother.? Then Bhagat Singh used to tell that my feces and urine, The garbage has been cleared by either my mother and this good man, Bogha. This much said Bhagat Singh would have embraced Bogha with arms in his arms. Bhagat Singh had many times expressed his desire to eat food from Bogha's hand to break untouchability. But Bogha used to stop Bhagat Singh for fear of provoking casteists.. After all, Bhagat Singh convinced Bogha by saying that, “Do my wish now, Now it is time for us to leave .. ”Then Bogha got very emotional and fed the bread with his hands to Bhagat Singh.

In present-day India, there is no need for anyone to be hanged or to die. Nevertheless, the revolutionary ideas are being suppressed by presenting Bhagat Singh's hanging more exaggeratedly. In this age of today, it is more important to make the young generation aware of their revolutionary ideas. 23 Such maturity is rarely seen at the age of one year. The ideals and humanist-egalitarian revolutionary ideas are being grossly ignored by the conservative nationalists by restricting such youth to nationalism and mere execution.

what, Is it not a revolutionary idea to raise skeptical questions on the existence of religion and God??? 23 At the age of writing a book depicting his being an inspector, seeing the path of hanging in prison., Is not a revolutionary idea?? When Brahminism was at its peak, In such a situation, is it not revolutionary idea to eat the food from the hands of a monk and shake the foundations of Brahminism??? The British only hanged Bhagat Singh, But some hypocritical thinkers and conservative nationalists of the present India are also hanging their views. If you really want to give blessings to Bhagat Singh today, So try to follow their thoughts. Victory to India.. Jai Constitution..

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