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Social - Southern India - October 15, 2017

Usage of Hindi is impossible, says CM Siddaramaiah

Bengaluru: on Saturday Chief Minister Siddaramaiah once again provoked controversy by demanding separate state flag for Karnataka. Stressing over the Karnataka pride he said, As CM and representative of 6.5 crore citizens, I’m of the firm opinion that Karnataka needs its own flag.”

Bringing the legal aspect in his statement he said, “It’s not mentioned anywhere that there should not be a separate flag for the state. By having a separate flag for Karnataka doesn’t mean we’ll lose our respect for the national flag. The national flag will always be at the highest pedestal.”

The debate over sub-nationalism is going long in the state. The Chief Minister firmly stands against the unnecessary use of Hindi in the state. He said, “When there is no Hindi in the Metro of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, why does Karnataka require Hindi? I have written to the Centre that usage of Hindi is impossible and will not be allowed.”

Defending the pro-Karnataka activism and sentiments, Siddaramaiah assured pro-Kannada activists that all cases against them will be withdrawn soon. He also congratulated them for fighting for the language, land, and water of the state.

The Legislative Assembly election in Karnataka is scheduled next year in 2018. Opposition blaming Siddaramaiah led Congress government for playing dirty politics for the upcoming election gain.

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