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Opinions - Social - State - March 22, 2018

जल नहीं बचेगा तो कल हम नहीं बचेंगे! जलदिवस पर पढ़िए शानदार विमर्श

By: Ankur Sethi

Discussion. according to a report, India's 60 Crore people are facing water supply crisis, country's only 59 The ground water is safe for drinking only in the districts. of India 54 Percentage area is facing severe water crisis. 40 Percentage of ground water harnessed every year for urbanization, whereas 80 Percentage of ground water is used for domestic use.

The data is also that the country's 65 Irrigation facility is not available for only per cent of the farms. Tamil Nadu on water sharing, Karnataka, The news keeps coming in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. So this is the situation of water in Incredible India.

From my native village of Amroha district to, town, The condition of drinking water in the city is getting worse day by day.

in villages “Clean India Mission” The big truth of the scheme that has been started is that of dry toilets., From which the feces just settles in the ground. This trend has been going on in the villages for a long time, which is a big reason. 90% Lack of proper drainage system in villages, Due to which people are avoiding the hassle of extracting water and digging a deep ditch for themselves.

Due to which government taps, The same sewage and urine water is coming in the domestic handpumps, due to which big diseases are taking birth secretly. including diarrhea, Typhoid, Malaria, Hepatitis and cholera are the main ones. Governments don't care about them, Nor is the attention of those who drink this dirty water.

city, The era of submersible pump is in full swing in the towns, Which is proving to be very dangerous. The wastage of water is happening so much that it cannot be estimated, Where 50 liters of water is needed there 500 liters of water is being exploited due to which sprinkling on the roads, water in pots, daily washing and bathing- Washing requires three times more water.

clearly is The one who is getting water has come to ruin and the one who is not getting it is badly upset. Rajasthan, Bundelkhand and Purvanchal of Uttar Pradesh, In places like Maharashtra, the situation has gone from bad to worse in other states as well. One can simply say that only North India is somewhat prosperous in terms of water, otherwise water has become expensive in other states and metro cities of India. There is a big problem of getting water for bathing and washing clothes.

For this from governments, Indian citizens will also have to be very alert, otherwise the day is not far when people will yearn for water and there will be a situation of outbreak of world war-civil war.

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