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Entertainment - Southern India - State - December 19, 2017

After Padmavati Now Sexy Durga

After the high voltage drama of movie padmavati now controversy is rising over the film “S Durga”, previously titled “Sexy Durga”. On Monday Central Board Of Film Certification (CBFC) informed the Kerala High Court that fimmakers and producers of the film S.Durga promoting the film as “Sexy Durga” despite the modification of film “S Durga”.

Regional officer of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) raised an allegation in a counter affidavit before the court. Few days back film’s producer Shaji Mathew and Director Sanal Kumar Sasidharan filed a writ petition and challenged the denial of certification for public screening.

According to the affidavit it was a deliberate attempt from the makers of the film to defeat the directions issued by CBFC, reports TOI.

CBFC also alleged that, “The film is being implicitly and explicitly publicized by the petitioners as ‘Sexy Durga’ by using connotations such as ‘Sexy Durga’,.

The government also highlights that the film is named as ‘Sexy Durga’ on the promotional page on Facebook.

Some points were highlighted by the CBFC alleging that the filmmakers approached the court for justice while their own hands are indulge in violating the norms put forward by CBFC.

Director Sanal Kumar hosted a parallel film festival “Kazhcha Indie Film Fest”. ‘S Durga’ was supposed to be screened at the prestigious International Film Festival of India, but wasn’t due to its so-called volatile content. The film was also not screened in the recent IFFK, Kerala.

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