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Delhi-NCR - March 24, 2018

5 Day DUTA STRIKE; Teachers, students, Kramcharis and Alumni Rallied against the Government Agenda

Alya Ekta

Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) since 1948 has been vocal about issues relating to the ad hoc professors and the karamchaaris. From compiling a comprehensive ‘White Paper’ or boycotting the evaluation of undergraduate papers to protesting against the recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission which stands Anti- teachers and demoralizes the cadre of teachers who are working towards research and faculty development. The strength of their resistance has played an evident role in framing and transforming the lives of many professors, karamchaaris, and students.

Today, DUTA stands against the commercialization of education and vouches for constitutional mechanisms which are being curbed by the MHRD and UGC.

Many unconstitutional and Anti-Education, Anti-Teacher, Anti-Student and Anti-Karamchri policies have been challenged by DUTA and FEDCUTA. One such case was of The UGC draft resolution of February 9 which made Ph.D. the minimum qualification to enter the teaching profession, and this is being followed by a 5-day strike.

The DUTA general body called for a 5-day strike from 19th – 23rd March to mark the teacher’s protest against the recommendations of the 2nd November 2017 MHRD notifications on 7th pay revision and the 9th march UGC draft regulations.

A significant U-turn is being marked in the reservation policy of the government, the 5th March 2018 letter of the UGC directs the universities to prepare rosters both department/subject wise. This will result in inadequate/ partial representation in the teaching positions for SC/ST/OBC categories as per the constitutional requirements of 15 %, 7.5 %, and 27 % respectively.

Among other issues they have been protesting the 70:30 formula of funding universities, The draconian 70:30 funding formula of UGC/MHRD pushes every public funded higher education institution to generate 30% of its expenses, either by self-financing course or by increasing the fees of existing courses, resulting in systematical withdrawal of public spending in higher education and burdening the students to maintain both central and state universities. With the introduction of Higher Education Funding Agency (HEFA), grants are being replaced by loans.

They believe that this Grant of Autonomy to 52 educational institutions, which include some Central and State Universities and Colleges, proves that the Government is hell-bent on privatization and commercialization of public funded education in the country. This will be a deathblow to the students, making higher education inaccessible for the larger pool of students who are economically – deprived and socially underprivileged.

The DUTA strike strives for social justice in form of 200 point reservation rosters in university and college as a unit and a demand for complete rollback of the 70-30% formula.

Since last 5 days, all classes stand suspended and hundreds of teachers joined by students from in and around the country are trying to organize public opinions on various platforms in order to protest against the draconian policies and yet the government is acting as a silent onlooker.

“DUTA and FEDCUTA have together called for a People’s March on 28 March from Mandi House to Parliament Street. Teachers, students, and various political leaders will be joining the action programme” said Rajib Ray, the president of DUTA.

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