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Politics - Southern India - May 24, 2018

Not the first time when Southern States rejected BJP

Mirah Zamin

With the drama spread all across the national television last week, what has been very evident is Bhartiya Janata Party’s desperation in taking over India completely, not to forget the mention of 2019 elections here. But what the national party and its leaders forgot in haste to complete the rat race is 2013 (Karnataka state elections) and 2014 (Lok sabha election) rejection by three other southern states.

In the 2007 elections, Karnataka was the only state which gave BJP a foothold out of the four southern Indian states. The Kannadigas gave a not so favourable vote but soon got rid of B.S Yeddyurappa and his government mired with corruption, by getting a Congress in power.

Electorally, the southern Indian states are known to have a progressive voter base with strong secular tradition both of which are contrary to the BJP agenda. In 2013, the BJP strength was reduced from 110 seats to only 40 in a state assembly of 224, but the voters’ decision for 2014 general elections seemed to be in favour of BJP.

Andhra Pradesh

Backing out from NDA alliance, Chandrababu Naidu of Telugu Dessam Party (TDP) proved that there will be no support from his party in 2019 General election. Naidu’s decision was repercussion of turning a blind eye by the centre for his cause in the State.

Tamil Nadu

The ruling AIDMK has not been much happy about BJP’s claims of ending the Dravidian era soon in the State. In fact, while delivery the State budget, the Tamil Nadu Finance Minister O Paneerselvam rejected BJP’s claim and praised the contribution of Dravidian party including DMK.


Thought in the Left Democratic Front-ruled Kerala, the BJP is optimistic, after winning its first seat in the region in 2016 Assembly elections and its improved vote share compared to 2011.

But, over a couple of months, the political violence between the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh ( RSS) and the ruling Communist Party of India (Marxist) has grabbed media eye balls, putting BJP in negative light while making congress go in backdrop.

The Malayalees will surely not be happy with BJP’s Vaishnava, Vegetarian brand of Hindusim and imposition of Hindi kind of a party with drams of making India “one nation, one culture’ without realising that what makes India stand apart is its rich culture heritage with Unity in Diversity.

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