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जन्मदिन विशेष: बीहड़ में आज भी जिंदा हैं क्वीन ऑफ करेज फूलन देवी




By Sayed Shaad

Birth of Phoolan Devi 10 August 1963 was born in Purva, a small village in the Jalaun district of Uttar Pradesh.. Phoolan Devi was born in a Dalit family, so she had faced the stigma of caste system since childhood.. Phoolan Devi faced caste discrimination since childhood. Saw atrocities on Dalits by upper caste people. There is no doubt that Indian society has always been dominated by upper castes.. Because of which Phoolan Devi 15 faced gang rape at the young age of. 11 Married at the young age of. Husband's atrocities destroyed childhood and crushed innocence. When she was fifteen years old, the Thakurs of the village gang-raped and inflicted unbearable pain.. Many stories of excesses have been pasted with Phoolan.. Even though she was suffocating her screams in a closed room tied with ropes and she was being raped in turn.. Or the village where his naked procession was taken out. not one, Not two, but raped several times, the girl with whom she was Phoolan Devi. Despite the height of humility, the girl who did not give up was Phoolan. The story of Phoolan Devi, in her journey from becoming a rebel to becoming an MP, continues like a film and suddenly ends like a climax..




Phoolan Devi and Vikram Mallah's love

Vikram became a rebel in the ravine for Mallah Phoolan. Vikram Mallah took up the gun for Phoolan and then a new journey began in Phoolan's life with Mallah.. 14 February 1981 to Phoolan 22 ठाकुरों lined up and fired bullets. The incident brought Phoolan into disrepute as the ruthless Bandit Queen of the Ruggs..


11 Became MP after years of jail life

11 Phoolan Devi remained in jail for a year. 1994 Phoolan was given ticket by the Samajwadi Party to contest the Lok Sabha elections in. Phoolan contested and won. She won the Lok Sabha elections twice. 1996 She became an MP for the first time in. year 1994 Shekhar Kapur made a film based on his life in Bandit Queen.
25 July 2001 Phoolan was shot dead by a man named Sher Singh Rana outside his house in Delhi..


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