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English - International - Language - January 3, 2020

O Mother Savitri

You are a flame of protest and resistance

You are a crusader of social justice and equality

You are a voice of marginalized, broken people

You are a staunch advocate of women’s rights and feminism

You are a pinnacle of bravery and humanism

You are an impetus for social revolution

You are an epitome of love and empathy

You are an emblem of human liberation

You are a true teacher of human values

O Mother Savitri

You opened up the shackles of slavery and ignorance

You smashed the Brahmanical patriarchy

You broke the chains of caste, religion, Orthodox beliefs and traditions

You fought for anti-caste ideology and women empowerment

You showed us the path of knowledge and human rights

You kindled us for women and Dalit rights

You uphold equity and righteousness in every place

You ended up our misery

You gave us a new birth

You lit up and strengthened our lives

You shaped us as a human being

You taught us the true meaning of love, compassion and humanity

You enlightened us for truth-seeking, rationalism and scientism

O Mother Savitri

You sacrificed all your life facing chauvinistic remarks and abuse, pelted stones, cow dung and mud

Nevertheless you kept teaching

You cultivated and nurtured human minds even risking your life

You washed out all gender stereotypes and social stigmas

You stood up against sati and child marriage practices

You built Infanticide prohibition house to cater care for sexually exploited/pregnant rape victims

You quenched the thirst of untouchables by opening well in your house and granted water rights to everyone

You waged war against casteism and Brahmanic-casteist culture

You advocated intercaste marriages for social integration

You struggled for betterment of widows, women and downtrodden peoples

You died while taking care of the plague-ridden untouchable kid

O Mother Savitri

We are greatly indebted by your sacrifices and noble acts

You are an inspiration for all mankind.

~~ Dilipkumar Suryawanshi ~~

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