घर इंग्रजी कलिंग फाउंडेशनने डॉ मनीषा बांगर यांना पद्म पुरस्कारांसाठी नामांकित केले, ती हिपॅटायटीस मुक्त भारत आणि सर्वांसाठी आरोग्याची आवाज आणि योद्धा आहे
इंग्रजी - डिसेंबर 18, 2021

कलिंग फाउंडेशनने डॉ मनीषा बांगर यांना पद्म पुरस्कारांसाठी नामांकित केले, ती हिपॅटायटीस मुक्त भारत आणि सर्वांसाठी आरोग्याची आवाज आणि योद्धा आहे

Odisha based Kalinga Foundation nominated Dr Manisha Bangar for the Padma Awards 2022. The Odisha based eminent foundation has previously awarded Dr Bangar with prestigious Kalinga Samman for her outstanding work towards eradicating Hepatitis.

Kalinga Foundation Trust gives state Level Prize namely –“KALINGA SAMMAN for Popularization of Science” since the Year 2010. The Prize is presented annually to an Eminent Scientist and Science Popularizer for his/her Outstanding Contribution for Popularization of Science among the common people.

The Chairman of Kainga Trust, SP Singh said, “We are honoured to nominate Dr Bangar for the Padma awards. She is among the distinguished doctor of our country who are committed to the cause of the nation’s health. Because of her noble work towards eradicating Hepatitis Kalinga Foundation awarded her with Kalinga Samman and for the same reason we nominate her for the Padma Awards.”

Dr Bangar is a Doctorate in Medicine (MBBS, MD, DM) trained in GMC Nagpur, PGI Chandigarh, and GB Pant Institute of Medical Education and Research, नवी दिल्ली.

She is a senior practising Gastroenterologist and Transplant Hepatologist based in Hyderabad, Telangana with 20 years of clinical, research and teaching experience. She has been a Governing Council Member of the Indian Association for Study of Liver Diseases (INASL), ISPEN, and currently the Task Force member of the South Asian Association for Study of Liver Diseases.

Dr Bangar has dedicated her life to the vision ofHepatitis Free India” आणि “Health For All”. 

While asking Dr Bangar humbly replied “I am fulfilling this goal with full passion and determination through my profession as GastroenterologistHepatologist, via Hepatitis Awareness, Policy advocacy and Health Literacy activism at grassroots level”

“With focus and exemplary mental fortitude I was able to transform my journey from humble beginnings to an extraordinary journey of medical excellence, recognition for my endeavours towards public good through compassion and empathy, तिने जोडले.

Dr Bangar has dedicated her life with a single-minded eradicating the Viral Hepatitis problem and reducing health disparities in India. She intertwined her professional life with activities related to hepatitis prevention, health equity activism.

She has led numerous health education, rights, advocacy, awareness campaigns at various levels including districts, villages and metro cities level in past one decade.

She has also raised this concern at international platforms such as United Nations in 2013.

Her contributions to healtifying communities were recognized by various International and National platforms.

She was awarded with the prestigious titleFriend of World Hepatitis Alliance” WHO द्वारे – WHA in 2013, the Kalinga Samman by Kalinga Gastro Foundation 2017, the Eashwari Bai Memorial Award by Eashwari Bai Trust and Telangana government in 2020, and many Distinguished Academic Contribution Awards by National Liver forums and apex Liver institutes such as Medanta and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

Eradicating Hepatitis

She continued her efforts in raising awareness about hepatitis by providing free consultation, free screening, free vaccination camp running mobile clinics educative programs and conducting public events in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh consistently since 2012 in collaboration with nephrologists social organizations and Pharma industries.

This drive has successfully resulted in hepatitis vaccination and preventive awareness having been increased in both the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh especially in the underprivileged area of Hyderabad and 9 ते 10 districts of Telangana where she conducted the ICA project.

A study conducted by Dr Bangar with other Gastroenterologist was presented in academic meetings; the rate of Hepatitis C infection in dialysis units was found to have come down over the past five to six years and it fuelled interest among citizens and stakeholders to combat hepatitis. This study motivated the Pharma industry and other social organisations to sponsor free hepatitis vaccination across community groups.

मध्ये 2012-13, Dr Bangar organised a Guinness record event to raise awareness. The 5KM run organized was recognized by World Hepatitis Alliance. The collaborative work with World Hepatitis Alliance impacted at the international level and recognition was given by the World Hepatitis Alliance on behalf of 500 million people living with viral hepatitis over the world in the world.

In another program through the in international coordination for hepatitis education providers project (आयसी – हेप) which was a Singapore based program Dr Bangar reached to taluka level medical practitioners and community people of Telangana and AP covering almost 9 जिल्हे (each with a population of more than 5 लाख) and established a trained clinicians network for program execution physician training and establishing models of Hepatitis screening, and management along with mobilization of youth and citizens to create a positive change the against superstition practices education on herbal medication and liver diseases and traditional practices that harm the liver and need to be given up.

तेलंगणा राज्याच्या राजधानीत, she conducted (2012 -2018)  seven major public events on World Hepatitis Day, and a Guinness record event as part of World Hepatitis Alliance (2012 –  2013 ) engaging youth community leadership many organisational leaders government stakeholders government agencies and offices the present government ministers of Health and population of almost reaching a population of almost 50000 each time about 50 medical camps and establishing a network in nine districts of Telangana for Hepatitis C awareness and education along with detection screening and treatment

Utilising her position as governing council member and task force member of national and South Asian liver disease forums as well as nutrition forums she has placed played a pivotal role in converting and executing into action the most recent advances to Grass root level participated in advocacy building skills and projects and good clinical models of care for primary physicians education and awareness on combating superstitious practices and tested herbal medication and collaborating with government and non-government agencies for creating and training community healthcare leadership among youth as a member of the Indian association for the study of liver diseases she has been instrumental in creating guidelines and for hepatitis B non-alcoholic fatty liver disease for public sector practitioners

I am happy that the representation I had given at the United Nations as regards India’s Healthcare and expressed India’s commitment to ‘Health for All’ and Sustainable Development Goals of 2026-2030. I am happy to be a part of it and I am also happy to be a part of the World Hepatitis Alliance and to work with them. My commitment to Health for all and especially Hepatitis eradication in India remains top in my priority and I will keep on working towards it,” Said Dr Bangar

“हिपॅटायटीसमुळे मानवी आरोग्याच्या महत्त्वपूर्ण समस्या उद्भवतात. आपण सर्व भारतीय नागरिकांना आपल्या लोकशाहीचा अभिमान वाटू शकतो. आपण सर्व भारतीय नागरिकांना आपल्या लोकशाहीचा अभिमान वाटू शकतो, we need to eradicate hepatitis as well and I am committed to this cause.” added Dr Bangar

Here are the breakdowns of some of the prestigious efforts she lead in the last two decades

  • Public Service in Hepatitis B Prevention and Eradicationfrom grass root level to International World forums.
  • Spearheaded the ECHO project of INASL in collaboration with ICHEP in United Andhra Pradesh covering 5 districts with estimated population of 10 million (2014 ते 2016). It enabled linking experts with primary care physicians to develop skills to manage patients with liver disease and establish hepatitis care networks.
  • Dr Bangar Organizes Community Level Campaigns for Hepatitis Control and Awareness.
  • Since year 2012, every year she launches community programs for detection of viral hepatitis, free vaccination, free consultation nutrition advice and Hepatitis control practices.
  • In collaboration with the WHO – WHA Dr Bangar led a team to take part in Guinness record event on World Hepatitis Day 2013 and organised a 5K run in Andhra Pradesh for the first time focusing on problems of Hepatitis. The highly successful event was reported by World Hepatitis Alliance which carried at a forward by President Barack Obama and other world leaders.

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