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“Shabaash” Hima Das !!

By- Dr. Manisha Bangar


Your historical record victory is a tight slap on the brahmin-dwijas, their merit logic ,and their caste system :-

Centuries of cornering of resources did not help the brahmin-dwija to produce single sportsperson athelete who could have won the race in the history of India.

Dear friends !!

We have all seen the awesome performance of Hima Das, the 18-year-old girl, who barely 18 months back, ran her first race in district level. Now, this young lass has done the country proud by winning a gold for the first time in the history of India.

She did not have the benefit of coaching, having practiced by running in her father’s rice farm. She started wearing spike shoes only two years back. From these adverse conditions to winning the gold at the international level is a great achievement by any standard.

This is real merit.

Question is why is our huge country not able to produce a decent number of sportspersons? What is the real reason that makes India so weak in sports performance at the international level?

The most important cause, frequently hidden under the carpet, is “the caste system”.

India’s Caste system ensured that all resources were captured by the upper castes. Certain castes were supposed to be bestowed with “physical powers”, and maintained their superiority over the lower castes for millennia. Unfortunately, centuries of cornering resources did not help the upper castes to produce sportsperson who will win the race.

It is young girls from the Bahujans such as Poorna, the youngest girl to climb Everest, and Hima Das, who are a slap on the face of the caste system.

They cry: Your system has devoid us of everything against the “superiority of your caste system” what comes to our lot is starvation, poverty, dependency, helplessness ,neglect, malnutrition, lack of opportunities, inaccessibility to states resources, discrimination, misogyny….

….so this is our revenge; We are the proof that your caste system is totally wrong and that it your lot which is talentless lazy parasitic extortionist unpatriotic lacking determination to succeed against all odds misogynist casteist which has prevented India from shining it is you lack of merit which has prevented India its glory.

History is testimony to the fact that whenever we the Bahujans got the opportunity ( rather we had to seize it ) we have restored India’s glory time and again , again and again.

Jai Bharat !!

-Dr. Manisha Bangar, National vice president, people party of india

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