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जन्मदिन विशेष: शिवाजी महाराज की मां जीजाबाई एक प्रभावशाली और प्रतिबद्ध महिला थीं

By: Sushil Kumar

Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje Bhosle mother born jeejaabaaee 12 January 1598 happened on. Jijabai was born in Sindkhed village. Presently this place comes under Mehkar district of Buldhana district in Vidarbha province of Maharashtra. Jijabai's father was a royal courtier and prominent Maratha chieftain., Whose name was Lakhuji Jadhavrao, While his mother's name was Mhalsa Bai.

Jijabai was married at a very young age. According to the customs of that period, she was married to Shahaji Bhosale. Shahaji also held diplomatic posts in the court of Nizam Shah. He was also a great warrior. Shahaji Bhosale's father's name was Maloji Shiledar., Who later became 'Sardar Maloji Rao Bhosale' after getting promoted. By the way, the married life of the couple was very pleasant. But the conflict between their families gave rise to tension. The relationship between Shahaji Raje and his father-in-law Jadhav deteriorated. The situation had become so bad that Jijabai was completely broken. She had to take the side of her husband and one of the fathers. She supported her husband.

Jijabai wanted the Marathas to establish their own empire. Both had eight children. Two boys and six daughters. Shivaji was one of his two sons. She always prayed to God that she would get a son who could lay the foundation of the Maratha Empire. His prayers were answered in the form of Shivaji, Who founded the Maratha empire.

Jeejaabaaee is known as an effective and committed women, For which self-esteem and their values ​​are paramount. Known for her vision, Jijabai herself was a warrior and administrator. Feeling of duty in Shivaji, Inculcated values ​​of courage and courage to face difficult situations with courage. Shivaji also gave the credit of all his successes to his mother., Which was an inspiration for him.

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