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Culture - Social - State - December 25, 2017

मनुस्मृति दहन दिवस: बहुजनों की ब्राह्मणों के खिलाफ महासंघर्ष की कहानी

new Delhi. 25 December 1927 Ie this day Baba Saheb Dr. BR Ambedkar Ups in our society- Despicable, The scripture created by the Brahmins, which created the gap of caste and caste, was burnt by Manusmriti. Baba Saheb along with millions of people of his society did this work. And in Hinduism, he was administered the oath not to accept caste discrimination.

Baba Saheb openly lit Manusmriti on the occasion of Maha Mahasanghar of Mahad Talab. This is said to be the biggest battle of Bahujans against Brahmins.. Hence it is remembered with pride. It is said that in order to foil Baba Saheb's program of burning Manusmriti, the Savarnas had decided that they should not get any jagah for it, but a Muslim named Phatte Khan had provided his personal land for this work. He also prohibited that the agitators could not get food and other things needed at the local level. Because of which all things had to be brought from outside.

Self servants who participated in the movement went administered the oath of five things on this occasion.

1.I do not believe in birth Ctuvarn

2. I do not believe in racism

3. I believe that racism is a blot on Hinduism and I will try to finish it,

4. Assuming that none uneventful I do not have any restrictions in food and drink at least Hindus would consider

5. I believe Bhujnon temple, Tlab and equal rights in other facilities.

Baba Saheb is said to have arrived at the event from the Padmavati boat from Dasgaon port as he feared that the bus might refuse to take them. Preparations for this program had been going on for the last two days. 6 The men were engaged in preparing it. A hole that 6 Inch deep and one and a half feet square was dug in which sandal wood was placed. Four poles were buried on its four sides, on which three Banagar legs were hanged. Written on…

1.Sir combustion point

2. Untouchability to be destroyed

3. Do buried Brahnwad.

25 December 1927 To 9 At tearing a page of Sir on Dr. Ambedkar, Sahastrabuddhe and other 6 Bahujan monks was burned. And since people Bahujan Samaj until today combustion Sir, remember this day.

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