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Delhi-NCR - Social - October 31, 2017

Right to Union; hunger strike at Jamia Millia Islamia entered into the 7th day

New Delhi The right to Union protest is entered into the 7th day at Jamia Millia University. Students of the University are on hunger strike for last 6 days demanding student Union poll in the varsity.

“We have been sitting on a hunger strike for 7 days, but the administration insensitively is reiterating the old logic of the matter being sub judice, because of which we have been denied our basic right for long. The health of the hunger strikers is deteriorating, but the administration is insensitive towards student demand. They are maligning the protestors using every means,” wrote students in a press release.

There has been no student union body in Jamia for the past 12 years and students want to restore the institution through democratic means.

Students have accused that in the absence of the student union, the autocracy of administration has increased. Student feel help helpless when decisions regarding fee and academics are made without the student’s say.

The students of JMI have no representation in the decision making bodies of the university and no mechanism through which issues of students get solved. There are properly organised teachers association and staff body, but why only student union is banned on the campus, asked a student?

However, Vice-Chancellor Talat Ahmad asked students to call off the Dharna and come for talks to resolve the issue. He during the closing ceremony of the 97th founders day said, that the matter is before the Delhi High Court and university cannot take any decision as it will amount to contempt of court. He also advised students not to make it an ego issue.


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